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The days of the middle ages, "Rapska Fjera", take place on the St. Jacob's day, on St. Anna's day and on St. Christopher's day. The Kaldanac, The old town of Rab, is transformed into a medieval town then. Around 300 costumed citizens of Rab, members of various associations, Show the guests through medieval crafts how people in the middle ages on The island were working, eating and celebrating. The programme lasts for Three days and takes place in the evening hours.

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The island of Ra b is mentioned, rightly, as the forerunner of Adriatic n udism. The, otticial beginning of naturism on Rab is usually referred to as the month of August, 1956, when King Edward the 8th of England was visiting Rab. He received permission from the Rab authorities to go swimming naked at Kandarola Cove with his wife.
Nudism, however, dates back much earlier on the island. The article >Trade in Nudity< that came out in the Austrian business paper trend, no. 11/83 says that there were nudist beaches on Rab at the turn of the century, and that 50 beds were set aside in the Rab hotels for nudists.

The same article also claims that the first nudist beach on Rab was personally opened by President Richard Ehrman of the International Nudist Association in person from Vienna in 1934. Rab nudism is also mentionde in the writings of Czech Josef Herman in 190 7. Professor Gunter i n 1912, which goes to prove that the people of Rab grasped the bright future that this bold movement held in store

The peninsula Lopar abounds in shallow sandy beaches hidden in the many picturesque coves, which attract thousands of tourists in the summer months.

The north-western part of the island has two larger bays - Supetarska Draga and Kampor, and numerous smaller and larger coves. The western coast of the island is perhaps the most interesting. From cape Kalifront to cape Frkanj there are many beautiful coves ideal for bathing and rest, the most outstanding being Sv. Mara, Kristofor, Čifnata, Gožinka, and Matovica (off cape Suha Punta)

The island is surrounded by many islets and rocky reefs, which also enhance its irresistible charm.

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Several magnificent pine groves were developed on the island thanks to the efforts of the late Pravdoje Belia, forestry superintendent; among these, particular mention should be made of the forests on the peninsula of Frkanj and in the town park of Komrčar. About 80 years ago the area of Komrcar was an ordinary pasture. Today, this is one of the most beautiful parks on the Adriatic coast, where Italian and Austrian pines, cypresses, ash-trees, holmoaks, junipers, evergreen bushes, hoary agaves and prickly pears compete for the attention of numerous strollers - locals and tourists alike.
In order to express their appreciation and gratitude the people of Rab erected a modest monument to their former forestry superintendent by the en­trance into the park of Komrčar.

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